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Insect Nutrition Information

Edible Insect Nutrition Information Insects are the largest and most successful group of animals on the planet. It's estimated they comprise 80% of all animals. In fact, around 1 out of every 4 animals is a beetle. The nutritional value of insects varies considerably from insect to insect. The flavor and texture of each insect [...]

What is Chitin?

WHAT IS CHITIN? Chitin is the exoskeleton of most arthropods - insects, spiders, and crustaceans Pronounced:  kītin Insects do not have an internal skeleton. Their exoskeleton, which is rigid and holds their body together, is made of chitin. Because it is rigid and hard, insects must shed their exoskeletons as they grow since it does [...]

Why Eat Bugs?

Why Eat Bugs? Adding Bugs to our Diet is GOOD FOR US & GOOD FOR THE PLANET! We should all eat bugs. Eating insects can have a positive effect on your life in a variety of ways. There is the personal experience, the global experience and the environmental impact that eating insects can have.   Adding insects to [...]