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Are Scorpions Edible?

We’re not sure if you can eat any old scorpion but we do know that you can eat Manchurian Scorpions and Asian Forest Scorpions. You can eat them whole, stinger and all.  Although little known here in the United States, ancient Chinese medicine considers scorpion powder to have many benefits and to be good for […]


Scorpions You Can Eat

Manchurian scorpions preserved with salt. The salt may create “light to white” areas on the scorpions. 

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Edible Asian Forest Scorpion

Edible Scorpins

Two Dried Forest Scorpions

Heterometrus, the Asian Forest Scorpion

These scorpions are sure to be a hit. Edible Scorpions make great toppings for everything from salads to the main dish. They are crunchy and tasty and range from 2.5″ to 4″ in length.