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THE ENTOMARKET TIMES is an edible insect newsletter that is sent out twice a month filled with new product information, specials and coupons.

Due to seasonality and shortages, newsletter subscribers will get first shot at new inventory. Due to the speed of email delivery, newsletter subscribers will also be the first to know about specials and limited coupons.


The newsletter will announce new products and will give you inside information.


When we have specials they are usually limited by inventory. This newsletter gives you a head start to order before they are gone.


The EntoMarket Times will include newsletter only coupons available only to subscribers.

Edible Insects Newsletter


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Cricket protein is similar to beef and salmon when it comes to quality protein. It has all of the essential amino acids and is packed with B vitamins with a perfect balance of an Omega 6:3 ratio of 3:1. In addition, crickets have more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach. The cricket’s chitin (exoskeleton) is a prebiotic just to top it off. ×
Crickets can be grown using less than 1% of the water needed for an equivalent amount of beef. Insects produce virtually no greenhouse gas when compared to beef and can be grown on bio-waste reducing the need to use land to grow their feed. Bugs are an environmentally friendly food source. ×
Insects need substantially less land than other livestock and can be grown vertically in an urban environment. They are grown humanely and can be grown just about anyplace in the world by households, small farmers and large commercial interests. Insects for food is trend whose time has come... again. ×
Current meat production is unsustainable and the more insects people eat, the less meat they will consume. If we make edible insects a trend in North America and Europe, the rest of the world will follow. ×