Edible Insect Grading System - CA Below is an outline of the Edible Insect Grading System developed by Entosense, Inc. and used on this website. Since edible insects can range from unidentifiable to whole insects, this grading system will let you know what to expect.

NOTE: This is an open source grading system that can be adopted by any edible insect producer.

Culinary Grade Insects

Culinary grade insects are not perfect. The look of the insect is not as important as Ornamental or Specimen grade. Culinary grade insects are the complete insect but they may be broken in to pieces even to the point of being powder.

Edible Insect Grading System - CC A. Mostly whole and easily identifiable
B. In pieces but generally identifiable
C. Hard to tell what the insect is
D. Crushed or powder

Ornamental Grade Insects

Insects marked as Ornamental Grade are generally complete and in good condition.
Some damage may occur in shipping because they are still packaged as food.

Edible Insect Grading System - CC A. Whole insect
 Minor blemishes or breaks

Specimen Grade Insects

Insects marked as Specimen Grade are complete and carefully packaged.
They can be used as food or for display.

Edible Insect Grading System - CC A. Mounted
B. Unmounted
Developed by Entosense, Inc.