Edible Bugs Boredom Busters


Cooking and Science Activities for Kids and Adult. Fun for the Whole Family!

Take a step out of the ordinary and experience the world of edible insects. Whether it’s a family activity or a new culinary adventure, it’s bound to create a memorable experience. Even though billions of people worldwide eat insects, for many of us, it’s real mental challenge. Which is what makes these activities so incredible.  They’re out of the ordinary. Healthy and Environmentally friendly too!

Boredom Cookies


Only $19.95

This packages comes with:

    • Two Recipe Cards
    • Two “I Ate a Bug” Buttons
    • Ounce of Roasted Crickets
    • One “I Ate a Bug” Certificate

Baking cookies is a fun family activity to begin with. But, add an ounce of crickets and it becomes an adventure.

Tell your kids they’re about to make cookies with bugs and the fun begins.

Chocolate Covered Crickets


Only $29.95

This packages comes with:

    • Four Ounces Roasted Crickets
    • Four Ounces Milk Chocolate
    • Six “I Ate a Bug” Buttons
    • Parchment Paper
    • Instructions

Chocolate covered crickets are an old time snack kids love today.

Insect Dinner


Only $29.95

This packages comes with:

    • Two Recipe Cards
    • Four”I Ate a Bug” Buttons
    • One Tin of Ants
    • One Tin of Sal de Gusano
    • One Ounce of Chapulines
    • One “Entomophagist” Certificate

Your family will never forget this dinner!

DIY Happy Hour Kit


Only $34.95

This packages comes with:

    • Two Talavera Shot Glasses
    • Talavera Snack Bowl
    • One Ounce of Chapulines
    • One Ounce of Sal de Gusano
    • Two “Eat Chapulines” Buttons

Even stuck inside, you can just about feel the hot sun and the sand between your toes. Viva Mexico!

A Culinary Adventure for Serious Chefs and Kid’s Alike!

Cooking with edible insects is nothing new for billions of people worldwide but it’s almost unheard of here in the states.

Considering current issues with meat from both a health and an environmental perspective, cooking with insects is truly the most important culinary challenge of our time.

There’s definitely a novelty factor which makes this fun and exciting. But, at the same time, there are health and environmental benefits that make insects a serious food source everyone should consider adding to their diets.